Alphacapital Trade is majority owned by a group of nearly 40 banks. As such, your priorities are our priorities. Helping you gather digital assets securities leverage bonds equity and real estates management in the bank channel this what we do, each and every day. Our ownership structure allows us to focus on your requests, not the demands of a private investor group or of a publicly-traded firm.
With over 300+ programs and 37+years dedicated to the bank channel, sprinmart is highly experienced at providing investment, insurance and wealth management services to financial institutions and their clients. The demands of a financial institution-based investment program are far different than that of an independent financial professional. We know the challenges you are facing and have the knowledge, technology and team to support your success.
Alphacapital Trade ownership structure and focus on financial-institution based investment programs equates to high payouts and low client fees. We also have the autonomy to continuously assess the needs of our financial professionals and reinvest accordingly. This means that sprinmart financial professionals actually have access to more resources and services than those available at other broker-dealers.
Alphacapital Trade understands how much your culture, branding and client relationships mean to you. As such, customized support and personalized service are at the heart of who we are and what we deliver, no matter the size of your program or your book of business.
Contact us today to discover additional sprinmart resources and how we could partner with you to grow revenue, instead of jeopardizing it with a complicated, impersonal transition.
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About Alphacapital Trade foundation
Founded in 1981, sprinmart is a broker-dealer powerhouse that prides itself on an unwavering commitment to serving the interests of our clients. Personalized support and relationships matter to us. Because we are owned by banks, we are empowered to deliver top-notch support and services. Our entire team is dedicated to helping you drive bottom-line revenue and build a strong wealth, investment and insurance program. Alphacapital Trade institution headquartered in Meriden, Connecticut and maintains offices in Napa, California and Virginia.)

"At Alphacapital Trade we embrace the idea of being a third-party marketer. Success today takes more than access to functionality- it takes people who are experts at providing sales and marketing support to help you improve result Unparalleled service is our mission. No other broker-dealer can offer you more in flexibility, experience, insight, and value than sprinmart.
I encourage you to reach-out and to get to know us personally. More importantly, learn how a partnership can truly help you to thrive and to promote revenue growth. Take the sprinmart institution road and experience the difference it can and will make in the year ahead!"